near 22 Welland Ave, Grimsby DN34 5JR, UK on Apr 15, 2017

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He is known as Bradley he went missing on the 2nd April 2017 which is not like him at all , he is microchipped but in his old owners name the thing is I rescued him , he was dumped on a box with a collar wrapped round him , and his old owner said he is mine now , he phoned me a week after he went missing saying I can have him back but he will phone me a couple days later so I can get him back because apprantly bradley went there , I don't even know the old owners name or number he just phoned me up but said live in nelson street , Bradley is friendly but now I am really concerned of his wellbeing , he has been through a lot and is really happy with me I really want him back , he is really friendly , he had a blue flea collar with his name and my house phone number on it please if you hear any thing please get in touch . Thankyou

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