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If you have lost a bird - you may want to browse found pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have lost your pet and by clicking found pets' map markers. Or you may want to post lost bird classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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If you have found a bird - you may want to browse lost pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have found your pet and by clicking lost pets' map markers. Or you may want to post found bird classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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What to do if you lost a parrot or other bird.

Bird lost. How to find my lost parrot?

How to find a missing parrot or canary? What should you do if an eagle, a falcon or a rooster is lost? Our tips will help you to find and catch your bird! The main thing - do not panic and act reasonably, and then finding your pet will be much easier.

First of all you need to find the missing bird. If you know approximately or exactly where your lost parrot is located - go to "Capturing a bird" section. If not - read "Searching for a bird" first.

Searching for a bird:

  • Your main tool when looking for a parrot, canary or other bird is your ears. A bird that has flown out of the cage often produces sounds that can be used to find it. Here another bird can be useful, especially if they were sitting in the same or nearby cages. The sounds of such bird can attract a fugitive, which will greatly simplify the search for a bird.
  • If this method did not work well, prepare for a longer search for your feathered pet. The first thing you need to do is to get as many people as you can to know about the lost parrot. Spreading information about this is easy by using online map-based pet search services, such as Petrieve. You may share a page of the lost bird, created on Petrieve, in many popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Stock up with flyers about the lost bird, in order to hand them out along your route while searching for the parrot or canary. You can also use our free service to compose and print flyers about the lost bird. You may also consider to use television and newspapers, but that will no be cheap.
  • Do not limit the bird searching area to the surroundings. Birds that have escaped can travel pretty long distances.
  • Do not neglect checking nearest trash sites and dumpsters, as this is an easy food source for a lost pet.
  • If you have lost your bird in the village or outside of the city - let the owners of neighboring sites know about this and ask for permission to inspect their territory and buildings. Talk to the dog or cat owners - maybe when they were walking they saw your missing pet in the neighborhood.
  • Sometimes it would be reasonable to report to local law enforcement offices, animal shelters or pounds, veterinary clinics, pet shops and other organisations of this kind. Here you will also need some flyers and posters to hand them out.

Let's say that the missing bird is found. Most likely it will be at an inaccessible height, on a tree, a roof of a house, etc. Now you should not frighten it away and try to grab it neatly.

Capturing a bird:

Catch a rooster or a parrot. Missing bird. Lost bird classified ad, flyer or poster.
  • Make sure that all manipulations for capturing the lost bird are performed by the person who is familiar to the bird, i.e. the owner or the one who regularly feeds the bird.
  • Calmly talk with the pet and try to carefully approach the bird.
  • Do not attempt to "knock down" the bird with a pole or other objects. This will only scare it (or may even kill it) and will not force your bird to go lower, but will produce directly opposite effect.
  • If the bird is within your reach - try to climb and get it. Do not forget about safety belt and other precautions when climbing. It is necessary to have strong loose clothing or a towel (blanket) to wrap the bird in it, if you manage to reach the pet.
  • If you have found a bird, but it is out of reach - you will have to wait on the ground. Someone must always be nearby to observe the bird, while others should bring any objects familiar to the birds (cage, drinking bowl, etc.) or familiar pets (for example, other birds). Try to lure the fugitive with its favorite food or the sounds of his partner. Be patient, sooner or later the parrot will get hungry or want to drink and will have to go down, do not frighten it at that moment!
  • It may take up to several days before the bird decides to go down. Be prepared if the pet does not wish to enter the cage on its own, it may be necessary to throw a blanket or a specially prepared net on it.

If you are looking for a missing parrot or other domestic birds - for your convenience use our map of found pets. Find the place where the bird disappeared, look at the marks on the map near this place (click them to get additional info) - maybe your bird has been found and it is already waiting for you!

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