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If you have lost a ferret - you may want to browse found pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have lost your pet and by clicking found pets' map markers. Or you may want to post lost ferret classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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If you have found a ferret - you may want to browse lost pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have found your pet and by clicking lost pets' map markers. Or you may want to post found ferret classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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What to do if you lost a ferret.

Ferret lost. How to find my lost ferret?

How to find a missing ferret? Our advice will help you on this difficult matter! The main thing - do not panic and act reasonably. Then your chances of finding your ferret will be much higher.

First make sure that your ferret is realy lost. Carefully inspect all the places where the ferret usually hides, gradually expanding the search area. Look inside and under the cabinets and lockers, in the laundry baskets, check inside and under the fridge, inspect various nooks and corners. It is possible that the ferret is hiding and is still within the premises.

If you can not find a pet ferret in any usual places - it is time for an active ferret search, as home ferrets rarely survive in the wild because of predators, traffic and weather conditions.

The first thing you need to do is to get as many people as possible to know about the lost ferret. Spreading information about this is much easier using various online pet search services, such as Petrieve. Create your lost pet's ad on Petrieve and share it on any popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Stock up with flyers about the lost ferret, in order to hand them out along your route while searching for the ferret. Composing and printing of flyers and posters for your lost ferret is also possible using our free service. You may also consider to use television and newspapers to spread the word, although that would not be cheap.

Gather your family and decide what each member of the family will do to find the ferret:

Missing ferret. Lost ferret classified ad, flyer or poster.
  • Someone can continue to search for a ferret in the house, looking in those places that you did not think about earlier during the search.
  • Other family members can start looking for the missing ferret in the courtyard or staircase. Check the garages and sheds, bushes and trees. If you used to walk with the ferret on the street - check out the places you have been visiting the most. A lost ferret is more likely to go to familiar places, before exploring unfamiliar ones.
  • Do not neglect checking nearest trash sites and dumpsters, as this is an easy food source for a lost pet.
  • Classified ads about the lost ferret also play an important role. Promote such ads at road intersections and crowded places, hand out to neighbors and passers-by in the vicinity to the place where you've lost your ferret. If your ferret does not go well with strangers, be sure to include it in the ad. Attempts to catch such an animal will scare it even more from places where people may spot and recognize it.
  • If the ferret disappeared in a village or outside of a city - let the owners of neighboring sites know and ask for permission to inspect their territory and buildings. Talk to the dogs owners - maybe, when they were walking, they saw your lost pet in the neighborhood.
  • Sometimes it would be reasonable to report to local law enforcement offices, animal shelters or pounds, veterinary clinics, pet shops and other organisations of this kind. Here you will also need some flyers and posters to hand them out.

If possible, put a cage or a pet's mat or pad next to the entrance of your house. There is a good chance that the ferret will return sensing the familiar smell.

If you are looking for a missing ferret - for your convenience use our map of found pets. Find the place where the ferret disappeared, look at the marks on the map near this place (click them to get additional info) - maybe your ferret has been found and it is already waiting for you!

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