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If you have lost a exotic - you may want to browse found pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have lost your pet and by clicking found pets' map markers. Or you may want to post lost exotic classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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If you have found a exotic - you may want to browse lost pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have found your pet and by clicking lost pets' map markers. Or you may want to post found exotic classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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What to do if you lost an exotic pet (a mini pig, a fox or a fennec, a hedgehog, a slow loris, a spider or a big carnivore).

If you lost an exotic animal, first of all you need to let as many people as possible to know about the lost exotic pet and to report what danger it may pose. You can announce such information to people, for example, using Petrieve - online map-based pet search service. With us you can not only submit an absolutely free advert about the lost exotic pet, including all its traits and the place of its loss. Having a profile of your pet on Petrieve, you can share it on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and print flyers or posters of your exotic pet totally free. You can also receive notifications if someone has found an exotic pet similar to yours. Stock up with flyers to post and distribute them along your route while searching for the exotic pet. It is also possible to use television and newspapers, but contrary to our service that will not be cheap.

Mini pig lost. How to find my lost exotic pet?

If you have lost a mini pig or a micro pig, you may try to use our instructions for finding dogs of small breeds, which you can find in the "Missing dogs" section. In addition to this, focus on the characteristic sounds produced by decorative domestic pigs, as well as traces of dung. Also, these instructions would be useful if you lost a fennec fox or a Russian domesticated fox (along with coyote, dingo, jackal, and Arctic fox), since the foxes belong to the same biological family as the dogs.

If a large predator such as a lion, a tiger, a leopard or another large cat is lost, after alerting people as described earlier, try to use the instructions for finding a missing cat. You can find it in the "Missing cats" section of Petrieve. Since large felines and other predators can pose a serious danger to human life, it is very important to report to local law enforcement offices. Also notify animal shelters and veterinary clinics. Here you will need flyers and poster about the lost exotic pet for distribution, which you can print using your pet's profile on Petrieve.

Missing slow loris. Lost exotic pet classified ad, flyer or poster.

Lost a slow loris or a lemur? Remember all its features and habits. Think about where it likes to climb the most, which is a treat that can lure a missing pet of this kind? What environmental factors can be attractive or repulsive (bright light, temperature, humidity, etc.). What life (diurnal or nocturnal) does your pet accustomed to? Is there any sense to look for it at the current time of the day?

In case if a pet hedgehog has been lost, pay attention to our "Missing rodents" section. The similarity in sizes and behavior of hedgehogs and rodents can be useful while searching for a hedgehog. Also do not forget that hedgehogs are nocturnal, so catching a hedgehog in the daytime can be problematic.

Missing spider. What to do if a tarantula has been lost?

If you have lost a spider because of an unlocked cage or terrarium within your apartment or house - there are no reasons to worry much while the pet stays inside. Although formally spiders are not insects, in order to catch such pet you may try to use searching tactics described in our "Missing insects" section.

If an exotic pet disappeared in the country or outside of a city - it would be much harder to find it. Let your neighbours know and ask for permission to inspect their territory and buildings while searching for the lost exotic pet. Talk to the dog owners - maybe when they were walking they saw your missing pet in the vicinity, the dog chased something unusual etc.

If you are looking for a missing exotic pet - for your convenience use our map of found pets. Find the place where the exotic pet disappeared, look at the marks on the map near this place (click them to get additional info) - maybe your exotic pet has been found and it is already waiting for you!

Below you may find a list of countries where lost exotic pets have been registered on Petrieve: