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If you have lost a horse - you may want to browse found pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have lost your pet and by clicking found pets' map markers. Or you may want to post lost horse classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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If you have found a horse - you may want to browse lost pets by scrolling our map to the place where you have found your pet and by clicking lost pets' map markers. Or you may want to post found horse classified ad by pressing the "Post Ad" button in the bottom right corner of the map.

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What to do if you lost a horse.

Horse lost. How to find my lost horse?

How to find a missing horse? There are several rules and following them will significantly increase your chances to find the missing horse.

If your stallion is missing - it does not necessarily mean that the horse was stolen. Some horses run off on their own. In such cases it is equally important to find the horse as quickly as possible so that it does not harm itself or others.

First of all, make sure that you have all the necessary things to search for a horse and to catch it:

  • A strong rope or bridle to hold a captured horse.
  • A favorite treat, for example, a bucket of oats or apples to lure and soothe a lost horse.
  • Flyers or posters about the lost horse, to post and distribute them along your route while searching for the horse. For composing and printing of flyers you can use our service by creating a lost horse page on Petrieve and by clicking the "Print flyer" button. Post ads at road intersections and crowded places, hand out to neighbors and passers-by in the area where the horse has been lost.

Now you need to make a plan for the horse's search:

  • Using the map on Petrieve or on another online cartographic service, observe the neighborhood searching for the nearest settlements and farms. Lost horses oftenly look for other horses, especially if the foal is lost, so note the places where other horses might be.
  • Often a horse disappears because it can not get out of a difficult situation on its own. Look for frozen lakes, rivers and other bodies of water on the map (if the stallion escaped during the cold season), the horse may fall under the ice and may not escape without help. Also pay attention to careers, faults, construction sites and other dangerous places.
  • Note the areas of the forest located between the points of interest of the escaped horse (such as crops or farms where other horses might be). A horse can be in such a forest.
Missing foal. Lost horse classified ad, flyer or poster.

Now, following the plan, start looking for the missing horse. To increase the efficiency of your pet's search, try to attract other animals, such as dogs or other horses. Keep in mind that loud noises, such as the roar of engines, dog barking, etc., can scare the horse out, while horse neigh may draw your horse to you. In addition, do not forget that the characteristic traces and heaps of dung can also prompt the correct direction of the search.

It is also possible to use television and newspapers. Sometimes it is reasonable to report to local law enforcement offices, animal shelters and veterinary clinics, especially if you believe your horse was stolen.

If you are looking for a missing horse - for your convenience use our map of found pets. Find the place where the horse disappeared, look at the marks on the map near this place (click them to get additional info) - maybe your horse has been found and it is already waiting for you!

Below you may find a list of countries where lost horses have been registered on Petrieve: